Derrick Story - iPad for Digital Photographers


Derrick Story - iPad for Digital Photographers

iPad for Digital Photographers

Год: 2013

Автор: Derrick Story

Жанр: Справочник

Издательство: Wiley

ISBN: 978-1-118-49813-2

Язык: Английский

Формат: ePUB

Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Интерактивное оглавление: Да

Количество страниц: 288

Описание: Откройте для себя инновационные способы укрепления своего бизнеса фотографии с вашим Ipad

Many photographers are turning to the flexible, easy-to-use tools of the iPad and relying on them to wear a variety of hats in their photography business. Whether portable portfolio, editing tool, payment-tracking system, or appointment calendar, the iPad melds together the best attributes of the cell phone and a laptop computer and this unique book highlights them all. With this helpful resource, you'll learn how to get the most out of your iPad to not only improve your business but also enhance your photography.

Details how to use your iPad to schedule client appointments, accept payments, sign model releases, track business expenses, and more

Teaches you how to take advantage of the hi-res display, cellular and WiFi connectivity, and powerful processor to increase efficiency

Covers ways to use the iPad on location with on-the-fly editing techniques

Offers suggestions for using the iPad as a backup storage device and how to use it in the studio

Features a chapter on shooting movies with your iPad

Ipad для цифровых фотографов показывает, как можно использовать сильные стороны Ipad, чтобы добавлять свою фотографию в свой бизнес.

Chapter 1: Adding Pictures to Your iPad 3

Taking Pictures with the iPad Camera 3

Steadying the Camera for Higher Quality 6

Software with a Bit More Control 8

Importing with the Camera Connection Kit or Lightning Camera Adapters 11

Basic Maneuvers in the Photos App 12

How the iPad Handles JPEG and RAW Files 14

Cameras with Built-in Wi-Fi 21

Sending Images from iPhone to iPad 22

Beaming Pictures via iPhoto 23

Choose the Approach That’s Right for You 23

Chapter 2: Organizing Your Photos 27

Organizing Photos in the Photos App 27

Creating your own albums in the Photos app 32

Deleting albums and photos in the Photos app 34

Adding Faces collections to the Photos app 35

Organizing with iPhoto for iOS 37

Marking your photos in iPhoto 37

Using filters to organize your images in iPhoto 40

Using smart albums in iPhoto 41

iPhoto: More than a pretty interface 42

Photo Shack HD 42

Setting up a library in Photo Shack HD 44

Viewing images in Photo Shack HD 45

Sorting images in a Photo Shack HD album 47

iPad for Digital Photographers Applying personal metadata in Photo Shack HD 47

Adding star ratings in Photo Shack HD 47

Exporting images to your computer from Photo Shack HD 49

Sample Workflows for Organizing 50

Workflow 1: Organize on the iPad, edit on the computer 51

Workflow 2: Organize and edit on iPad 52

Putting It All Together 53

Chapter 3: Editing Your Photos 55

Accomplishing Basic Editing in the Photos App 56

The Rotate tool 57

The Enhance tool 57

The Crop tool 58

The Red-Eye tool 60

Editing in iPhoto for iOS 60

Step 1: Improve the composition 60

Step 2: Adjust the exposure 63

Step 3: Fine-tune the color 68

Step 4: Make local adjustments 74

Step 5: Apply effects 77

Editing in Photogene for iPad 78

Setting up Photogene 78

Editing an image 78

Editing in Snapseed 81

Chapter 4: Transferring from the iPad to a Computer 87

Transferring from an iPad to a Windows PC 88

Transferring from an iPad to a Mac 91

Importing with Image Capture 91

Importing with Preview 93

Transferring from an iPad via iTunes 95

Transferring from an iPad to Adobe Lightroom 98

Transferring from an iPad to iPhoto or Aperture on a Mac 99

Transferring from an iPad via PhotoSync 102

Transferring from an iPad via Photo Transfer 105

Cleaning Up Transferred Images 107

Chapter 5: Transferring from the iPad to the Cloud 111

What Is the Cloud? 111

Using Apple’s iCloud 114

Backing Up via iCloud 116

Using Photo Stream 117

Taking Control of Your Photo Stream 120

Saving pictures from your Photo Stream to your iPad 120

Deleting images from your Photo Stream 122

Using Shared Photo Streams 124

Connecting Photo Stream to a Windows PC 127

Connecting Photo Stream to a Mac 129

Using Other Cloud Services 131

Using Dropbox 131

Using Google Drive 134

Creating your own cloud with Pogoplug 135

Chapter 6: Presenting Your Mobile Portfolio 139

Basic Portfolio Guidelines 140

Building a Basic Portfolio 141

Showing Your Portfolio on an HDTV 146

Using the Animated Picture Frame Presentation 149

Preparing Images for Portfolio Display 151

iPhoto’s export settings 152

Aperture’s export settings 152

Adobe Lightroom’s export settings 154

Moving the Pictures from a Computer to an iPad via PhotoSync 155

Moving the Pictures from Computer to iPad via iTunes 155

Using Other Portfolio Apps 157

Minimal Folio 158

Portfolio Pro 158

iPhoto for iOS 159

Pulling It All Together 163

Chapter 7: Shooting, Editing, and Sharing Movies 165

What Do I Mean When I Say “Record a Movie”? 166

Recording video with the iPad’s Camera app 168

Recording video with MoviePro for the iPad 168

Recording video with Filmic Pro 170

Recording video with ProCamera HD 170

Holding the iPad Steady for a Video Shoot 171

The Apple Smart Cover 172

Makayama Movie Mount 172

The Brydge Bluetooth keyboard and stand 173

DIY solutions 174

Making Time-Lapse Movies 174

Recording a Time-Lapse Movie with iStopMotion 175

Editing Video in iMovie for iOS 180

Locating your video clip in the Photos app 180

Creating opening and closing title artwork 181

Setting up your project in iMovie 181

Building the opening title 184

Balancing music with recorded audio 186

Splitting a clip and adding a closing title 188

Naming the project 189

Watching your movie 190

Saving the movie 190

Publishing your movie online 191

Transferring Your Movies to a Computer 192

Transferring the movie project to a Mac 192

Transferring the completed movie to a Mac or PC 193

Chapter 8: Taking Care of Business 195

Weather 196

Mapping 197

Google Maps 197

Apple Maps 198

Checklists 199

Reminders 199

Listo 201

Errands To-Do List 203

Documents 204

Notes 204

iA Writer 205

Pages 207

SignNow 210

Personal Reference 211

GoodReader for iPad 211

Dropbox 212

Model Releases 212

Calculators 214

Digits 214

RetroCalc 215

Invoicing 216

Invoice ASAP 216

Numbers 217

Finance Management 219

PayPal Here 219

Pageonce 221

Calendars 222

Calendar 222

Agenda Calendar 223

Printing from the iPad 224

Using AirPrint 224

Printing photos via printing apps 225

Chapter 9: Transporting an iPad and Camera 229

Basic Items for Transport 229

Midsize messenger bags 231

Lightweight shoulder bag 234

Backpacks for bigger jobs 235

Supercompact transport with the iPad Mini 238

Slim iPad protection 240

Designing Your Carrying Solution 241

Chapter 10: Tips for the Road Warrior 245

Staying Charged 245

Using the Best Connection 247

Backing Up as You Go 249

Entering Data with Dexterity 250

Reference Documents 251

Choosing the Right Device for the Job 252

Appendix: Choosing the Best iPad 255

Size Considerations 255

Connectivity Considerations 256

Storage Considerations 257

Price Considerations 258

Deciding when to buy a new iPad 258

Should you consider a used iPad? 258

Factoring in the cost of accessories 258

Feeling Comfortable with the Investment 259

Index 261