The Missing Manual - Barbara Brundage - Photoshop Elements 12


The Missing Manual - Barbara Brundage - Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements 12

Год: 2013

Автор: Barbara Brundage

Жанр: дизайн, ретушь

Издательство: O'Reilly

ISBN: 978-1-449-34165-7

Серия: The Missing Manual

Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Интерактивное оглавление: Да

Количество страниц: 647

Описание: Whether you’re a photographer, scrapbooker, or aspiring graphic artist, Photoshop Elements 12 is an ideal image-editing tool—once you know how to use it. This bestselling book removes the guesswork. With candid, jargon-free advice and step-by-step guidance, you’ll get the most out of Elements for everything from sharing and touching-up photos to fun print and online projects.

Photoshop Elements 12 - упрощенная версия фотошопа, отлично подходит для ретуши фотографий и веб-дизайна.

Introduction to Elements

Chapter 1 Finding Your Way Around Elements

Getting Started

Organizing Your Photos

Editing Your Photos

Getting Started in a Hurry

Chapter 2 Importing, Managing, and Saving Photos

Importing from Cameras

Opening Stored Images

Creating a New File

Using the Organizer

Searching for Photos

Saving Your Work

Backing Up Files

Chapter 3 Rotating and Resizing Photos

Straightening Scanned Photos

Rotating Images

Straightening the Contents of an Image

Cropping Pictures

Zooming and Repositioning Your View

Changing the Size of an Image

Resizing Images for Email and the Web

Elemental Elements

Chapter 4 The Quick Fix

The Quick Fix Window

Editing Your Photos

Other Fast Fixes

Getting Fancy: Effects, Textures, and Frames

Chapter 5 Making Selections

Selecting Everything

Selecting Rectangular and Elliptical Areas

Selecting Irregularly Sized Areas

Selecting with a Brush

Extracting Objects

Changing and Moving Selections

Chapter 6 Layers: The Heart of Elements

Understanding Layers

Creating Layers

Managing Layers

Adjustment and Fill Layers

Moving Objects Between Images


Chapter 7 Basic Image Retouching

Fixing Exposure Problems

Controlling the Colors You See

Using Levels

Removing Unwanted Color

Choosing Colors

Sharpening Images

Chapter 8 Elements for Digital Photographers

The Raw Converter

Blending Exposures

Photo Filter

Processing Multiple Files

Chapter 9 Retouching: Fine-Tuning Images

Fixing Blemishes

Applying Patterns

Recomposing Photos

Color Curves: Enhancing Tone and Contrast

Making Colors More Vibrant

Changing an Object’s Color

Special Effects

Chapter 10 Removing and Adding Color

Method One: Making Color Photos Black and White

Method Two: Removing Color from a Photo

Creating Spot Color

Colorizing Black-and-White Photos

Chapter 11 Photomerge: Creating Panoramas, Group Shots, and More

Creating Panoramas

Merging Different Faces

Arranging a Group Shot

Tidying Up with Scene Cleaner

Merging Styles

Correcting Lens Distortion

Transforming Images

Artistic Elements

Chapter 12 Drawing with Brushes, Shapes, and Other Tools

Picking and Using a Basic Brush

Special Brushes

The Impressionist Brush

The Pencil Tool

The Paint Bucket

Dodging and Burning

Blending and Smudging

The Eraser Tools

Drawing with Shapes

The Cookie Cutter Tool

Chapter 13 Filters, Actions, Layer Styles, and Gradients

Using Filters

Applying Actions and Effects

Adding Layer Styles

Applying Gradients

Gradient Maps

Chapter 14 Text in Elements

Adding Text to an Image

Warping Text

Adding Special Effects

Type Masks: Setting an Image in Text

Artistic Text

Sharing Images

Chapter 15 Creating Projects

Photo Collages

Photo Books

Greeting Cards

Photo Calendars

CD/DVD Jackets

CD/DVD Labels

Working with the Graphics and Favorites Panels

Chapter 16 Printing Photos

Getting Ready to Print

Ordering Prints

Printing at Home

Printing Multiple Images (Windows)

Printing Multiple Images (Mac)

Chapter 17 Email and the Web

Image Formats and the Web

Saving Images for the Web or Email

Creating Animated GIFs

Emailing Photos

Chapter 18 Creating Slideshows

Full Screen View

PDF Slideshows

The Slide Show Editor (Windows only)

A Few More Ways to Share

Additional Elements

Chapter 19 Beyond the Basics

Graphics Tablets

Stuff from the Internet

Beyond This Book


Appendix Installation and Troubleshooting

Installing Elements in Windows

Installing Elements on a Mac

Scratch Disks


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