Richards J.A., Xiuping Jia - Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis


Richards J.A., Xiuping Jia - Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis

Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis

Год выпуска: 2005

Автор: John A. Richards, Xiuping Jia

Жанр: Remote sensing

Издательство: Springer

Серия: ASIN

ISBN: 540251286

Формат: PDF

Качество: OCR без ошибок

Количество страниц: 439

Описание: Remote Sensing Digital Image Analysis provides the non-specialist with an introduction to quantitative evaluation of satellite and aircraft derived remotely retrieved data. Each chapter covers the pros and cons of digital remotely sensed data, without detailed mathematical treatment of computer based algorithms, but in a manner conductive to an understanding of their capabilities and limitations. Problems conclude each chapter. This fourth edition has been developed to reflect the changes that have occurred in this area over the past several years. Its focus is on those procedures that seem now to have become part of the set of tools regularly used to perform thematic mapping. As with previous revisions, the fundamental material has been preserved in its original form because of its tutorial value; its style has been revised in places and it has been supplemented if newer aspects have emerged in the time since the third edition appeared. It still meets, however, the needs of the senior student and practitioner.