Walls C. - Spring in Action. Third Edition


Walls C. - Spring in Action. Third Edition

Spring in Action. Third Edition

Год: 2011

Автор: Craig Walls

Жанр: Практическое пособие

Издательство: Manning Publications Co.

ISBN: 9781935182351

Язык: Английский

Формат: PDF

Качество: Изначально компьютерное (eBook)

Количество страниц: 426

Описание: The Spring Framework was created with a very specific goal in mind—to make developing Java EE applications easier. Along the same lines, Spring in Action, Third Edition was written to make learning how to use Spring easier. My goal is not to give you a blow-by-blow listing of Spring APIs. Instead, I hope to present the Spring Framework in a way that is most relevant to a Java EE developer by providing practical code examples from real-world experiences. Since Spring is a modular framework, this book was written in the same way. I recognize that not all developers have the same needs. Some may want to learn the Spring Framework from the ground up, while others may want to pick and choose different topics and go at their own pace. That way, the book can act as a tool for learning Spring for the first time as well as a guide and reference for those wanting to dig deeper into specific features.

Spring in Action, Third Edition, is for all Java developers, but enterprise Java developers will find it particularly useful. While I will guide you along gently through code examples that build in complexity throughout each chapter, the true power of Spring lies in its ability to make enterprise applications easier to develop. Therefore, enterprise developers will most fully appreciate the examples presented in this book.

Because a vast portion of Spring is devoted to providing enterprise services, many parallels can be drawn between Spring and EJB. Therefore, any experience you have will be useful in making comparisons between these two frameworks. A portion of this book is dedicated to this topic. In fact, the final five chapters demonstrate how Spring can support enterprise integration of web applications. If you are an enterprise application developer, you will find the last part of this book especially valuable.



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Part 1 Core Spring

Chapter 1 Springing into action

Chapter 2 Wiring beans

Chapter 3 Minimizing XML configuration in Spring

Chapter 4 Aspect-oriented Spring

Part 2 Spring application essentials

Chapter5 Hitting the database

Chapter 6 Managing transactions

Chapter 7 Building web applications with Spring MVC

Chapter 8 Working with Spring Web Flow

Chapter 9 Securing Spring

Part 3 Integrating Spring

Chapter 10 Working with remote services

Chapter 11 Giving Spring some REST

Chapter 12 Messaging in Spring

Chapter 13 Managing Spring beans with JMX

Chapter 14 Odds and ends index


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